Singer 29-4
For Sale
SINGER 29-4 Sewing Machine for Leather
This is a great running Singer 29-4.   If you want a machine that you can put to work, this is the machine for you.   
Look at the sewing sample and you can see that it sews leather with a very nice even stitch.  For close stitch at a time
sewing, the handle on the balance wheel is very handy.   If you are just in the looking stages, ask the seller of the
machine to show you that the machine runs. If you will go to
this website by the Singer Sewing Machine, you can
download a manual  and see how easy it is to make one of these machines run.    If the machine is in good working
order, anyone can do it.  If it is not in good working order, the machine may have been retired because it was broken,
and may need an expensive repair.  Just because you can turn the balance wheel, and everything moves, does not
mean that it will sew.  The leather sample shown here, will be in the machine when you receive it, so that you can see
how the machine was threaded and have proof that the machine actually sews.  The belt is in very good condition.  
The stand has a new paint job and the head has been touched up in a few spots.     This machine may be inspected
by you in our store in Salem, Ohio  44460, prior to he sale.  This machine comes with a copy of the Singer Operators
Manual.  If you have not used this machine you will find the manual very helpful.   It also comes with a threader and a
new belt.  You cannot thread a 29 series machine without a threader, but this is not a big deal, since you can make
one by filing a groove in the end of a wire.   For those of you that are unfamiliar with the 29-4, it  had the longest
manufacturing run of any sewing machine in history (about 40 years in production).  
According to the  
International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society:

"In the whole range of leather stitching this is one of the handiest machines ever invented.  It is still extensively used
all over the world for Boot and Shoe repairing, Furriers' work, Slipper binding, Harness work, etc.  The stitching is
performed at the extreme outer end of the arm, which may be inserted into the interior of very small and long aperture
like toes of shoes and boot-legs etc.  The machine is unequaled for repairing boots and shoes and will stitch closer to
the toe of a boot than any other; it will use waxed and coarse thread, making a tight seam; it also can use a fine
needle and thread."

A unique feature of this machine is the ability to change the direction of sewing by moving the sewing foot direction
with the thumb handles.  You could sew a square patch on a boot without removing the boot from the sewing bed.

This machine is becoming harder to find because it is going by the container load to third world countries, that have
an irregular, or no power source.  It is becoming much harder to find a good sewing 29-4.

Because of this long manufacturing run, and because it is still being widely used, repair parts are still available on the
internet under Singer29-4.  Although I personally sewed with this machine, it is sold as is. If you are looking for Singer
29-4 parts, we have about all of them.


I have sold and shipped over 60 29-4's in the past six years and have found them to be one of the tougher items to
ship.  Cast iron has two properties that make shipping tough: it is brittle and heavy.  I package the head in a double
walled box with a bursting test of 275 lbs, minimum combined wt facing of 110 pounds, and a wt limit of 90 pounds.  I
use industrial strength bubble wrap and quilted paper packing for fill, along with rubberized foam.  All of my packaging
materials are new.  I then hold my breath and wish that the customer would have shipped it freight.

You are welcome to pick this item up at our store.  We are located in Salem, Ohio  44460 and we are open seven
days a week.  Of course, there is no charge for this. Please notify us in advance so that we will be ready for you.
Because of the fragile nature of cast iron, and the weight involved, I prefer to ship this by freight.  I am also in the
shipping business (Shipping Services Etc.  LLC, Salem, Ohio), so I have some expertise in this area.  The 29-4 can
be attached to a pallet for $35.00.  This Includes the cost of the pallet.  You may use my shipper or send your own
shipper.  My shipper has given the following quotes for shipping to a business.  Don't have a business?  Bet you know
someone that does that would be willing to help you.  We can also ship to a residence, but it is usually about $75.00

Cleveland:   $111.00

Atlanta: $138.00

New York City: $233.00  

Chicago:     $146.00

If you would like a quote, you may get your own freight quote from  They will ask you for pallet size,
which is a 40" x 48"  pallet and 35" high,   with a total weight of 165 pounds.  

We can also ship Fedex and UPS. This is shipped in three packages to help reduce the weight.  The more it ways the
better the chance of the shipper mishandling the item.. The  head is shipped in one package and the frame is
disassembled and will be shipped in the second package, the frame top is shipped in the third.  Handling and  
packaging is $68.00 plus actual freight. You can calculate the freight at UPS.COM.  One package will weigh about 66
pounds and will be  30 x 30 x 17, the second is 24 lbs  and is 30" x 24" x 12", and the third is 69 pounds and is 14" x
21" x 6"..